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Andy from Nicaragua

We would like to know more about you and your life. {Personal introduction (name, age, place of residence, family and hobbies). 

My name is Andy Rostran, I am 19 years old, I am a delegate of the collective destellos de colibrí, I currently live in managua, Nicaragua with my 2 brothers and my mum and dad, I am a communication student, and I am a Christian.


How important is the prevention of violence and the promotion of a culture of peace for you? 

It is very important to make our communities aware that violence is the main channel to destroy Peace, so we must act differently in order to create a culture of respect.


What are the most critical issues to prevent violence and promote a culture of peace in your community/country/region? 

Domestic violence
Dating violence
Children's rights
Prevention of sexual abuse
Prevention of street harassment
Eradicating violence against women


What actions do you take or what youth activities do you participate in to promote peace and prevent violence in your community or country? 

I am a young leader who promotes peace not only through talks, but also through my example, by respecting and loving others and by not using violence.


In your opinion, what social changes are needed to ensure a non-violent and peaceful society?

We need to be more tolerant and more empathetic towards others.
Dying to the self. This means that not only I am important, not only my dreams are important, but also those of the people around me.

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