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Isaque from Mozambique

Hello! Can you please tell us a bit about you and your life?

Hello everybody!
My name is Isaque João Joaquim, I'm 22 years old, I'm from Mozambique, Zambezia province, Milange district. I am a volunteer in the AMUDEM association and I am also a Delegate of the IYN( International Youth network) . I finished secondary school in 2019 and could not graduate due to lack of conditions, I live with my mother and she is unemployed. I have dream to be a Teacher of Chemistry or mathematics.


Why is this  issue important to you?

 For me it is very important to prevent violence and culture of peace because I develop safe, stable and healthy relationships between children and parents , I also reduse the availability of harmful use of alcohol and other substances that can do harm to health and alter the normal being of people.


What are the most important issues for children related to violence and the environment in your community/country/region?

The critical issues to prevent violence is that in society people believe in a kind of superstition that in a way stops them from denouncing violence, the poverty factor also influences, people use their power to oppress people who suffer from violence. To promote the culture of peace we need to be united, to make society aware of the risks and consequences of violence, and thus we will promote cultural peace.


What are you doing to protect children and youth from violence?

I participate in volunteer and community work in promoting peace and violence.


Can you share with us a good children's activity happening in your community or country to protect children from violence?   

In the first place, we have to insert youth participation in the actions of society, conditions must be created to work with society and hidden areas because information does not reach there, finally open doors for youth to access these health programmes.


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