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Siraj from India

We would like to know a bit more about you. Where do you come from, how old are you, how do you live and what are your hobbies?

I am Mohammed Siraj 24 years old , hailing from the slums of Titagarh in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. Currently I am working in a National level NGO, Reach India Trust as a Community Mobilizer under Save the Children Project ,I love to work for the change spend time with children and for community development. I love to travel and meet with new peoples.

How did you get in touch with the GAM? What do you think about this activity ?

Actually I love to volunteer with different organization and with the same objective I have a very strong connection with West Bengal Youth Network working on Ecological rights which is known as "Youth Challengers" since 2012 and I am the member of the same network since 2013. From threre I came to know about the GAM and every year we celebrate it through different ways with the help of TDH Germany. I think this the platform where whole month of November we took different actions to aware people about children's right and celebrate with children and  try to get them feel their rights to enjoy their rights.

How did you join the project? Since when have you been involved in children's rights and environmental issues. What is your motivation for being active?

Way back in 2006, I have started off from being a Children’s Group member of a local Non-Government organisation that was working for the betterment of the children and the community in his area. With effective leadership skills I have evolved to become a part of the Youth Group and then the leader of that Youth Group. This gave me a wide variety of opportunities to represent the issues of slum and street dwelling children in various national forums. I have   represented West Bengal at the prestigious forum.  There was no end to the difficulties faced on the path of doing social work to transform people’s lives. 

 Which is the biggest environmental problem you have to deal with? What are the concrete consequences for children and youths ?

The biggest environmental issue is Carbon emission .The most affected people of the world are children and Youths, More than three million children under five die each year from environment-related causes and conditions. This makes the environment one of the most critical contributors to the global toll of more than ten million child deaths annually and young minds are critically taking action on this globally.

What are you working on right know?

Currently working as group of young leaders to create awareness on environmental issues through theater , postering,debate etc. As an individual I have taken an initiative which is 1Billion to 2030 that is gift a plant to your friends, relatives ,families on their precious days and I have named it "Dharti Bachao Andolan" ( Movement for Save Earth) and also continuesly trying to sensitize young peoples through social media with sharing of various kinds of photos and Videos, also trying to give our opinions in local governance to the higher level of governance.

What are you expecting from your government?

From government I just wanted to say that stop talking  and start to do something which really mean it,I am demanding that I want development but not the  development with destruction. My expectations from government is also about the implementation of existing law's and policies for Environment Protection.

The FridaysForFuture- youth movement against climate change is really getting strong in Europe. What about fff in your region? Did you hear about it and did you join it?

In my region there is a group of young peoples from college has taken the initiative to lead the FFF West Bengal Chapter and Yes I have heard of it and gald to share with you that I am one of the core team member of FFF West Bengal. Friday's for Future ,Greta Thumberg proves that every  individual initiative really matters.

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