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Soniya from Pakistan

Hello Soniya, nice to meet you. Please tell us a bit more about you and your life. And what are your interests?

Hi, this is Soniya from Pakistan.I'm currently working in social sector and I'm happy for that.Basically it was my interest to do something for society since the start of teenage.Moreover I like to do creations, singing,exposures, motivation.

Why is this environmental issue important to you?

Childrens and youths life is affected by environmental issues at high extent.Their life is not going towards sustainability.Many of the problems exist after disaster such as flood, climate change, earthquake etc.Some of the countries have created departments to prevent disasters.Coming generation can't survive with it, they could have many diseases because of it.So this is the main environmental issue.


What are the most important issues for children related to the environment and climate change in your community/country/region?

Children's life is affected highly by environmental issues and climate change.During the climate change, children don't have healthy environment.e.g

  • Heat wave: Play ground are closed because of it
  • Acid Rain:It creates diseases.
  • and so on

What are you doing to protect the environment?

  • Plantation
  • Cycling
  • Eco Bricks
  • Beach Cleaning
  • Awareness sessions

Can you share with us a good children and youth activity happening in your community or country to help or protect the environment?

  • Cycling
  • Eco Bricks Activity

You are working quite hard to protect your environment! Do you also have a personal dream?

Yes, not dream but I have a desire to do something very unique for my society.

Thank you!

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