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Thitiphorn from Thailand

Hello, Sawaddee Kha, my name is Thitiphorn Phikulkaew. You can called me “To”. I am a high vocational second-year student at Mae Sariang Vocational College. I love listening to music and reading books in my free time. I also interested in helping children who are affected by the malnutrition and natural disaster.

Since environment is essential for every life, living in good environment is the thing that we really need. The most important environmental problems in my community are climate change and dam construction. The rain hasn’t fall in its season as usual anymore. Our lives depend on the farming and agriculture, so the heat and the rain nowadays affect the volume of water in the canal and stream where we use for daily life. Moreover, as mentioned earlier, the government is about to construct the dam which harshly affect biodiversity and our community. If it happen, we need to migrate and cannot live in the place we called “home” anymore.

To protect the environment, I, together with the youth in our community, organise activities to plant trees for protecting the deforestation and organise the “no dam” campaign to protect our Salween river as well as raise awareness of people in community, especially children and youth, on the environmental impact of dam construction. We dream and dream that the dam will not happen so that we can live happily in the place we called “home”.

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