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The children and youth of the terre des hommes’ International Youth Network (IYN) first initiated the Global Action Month (GAM) on Child Rights in 2014. Every year during the month of November, on the occasion of the anniversary of the adoption of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, children and youth of the IYN worldwide take public actions to raise their demands in relation to the realization of their rights.

This year we can’t wait to support the international campaign for the children’s Right to a healthy environment!

Sign the petition and if you feel you’d like to do more: Plant a “plant for future” in a public space and add a little flag with the campaign logo. You can share a photo of you and your plant on Social Media.

Sign the petition

Strengthening the rights of children

We all know that climate change and environmental pollution is the most urgent crisis we must face. Although, in times of Corona, this might seem different. In most countries, public life was shut down for weeks to prevent infections. Billions of people are affected right now and many measures are taken. We think it is very important to take measures against the spread of Corona. Nevertheless, we think we should remember that the climate change affects millions of people each year. If we do not act now, many places on earth won’t be habitable and many more people will die. Corona shows us, that in a very short time very drastic measures can be taken. That’s why we are convinced that it is possible to protect our climate and environment. In order to make this easier for us on a legal level, we want the UN General Assembly to recognize the human right to a healthy environment in their resolution and to create an optional protocol to the UN Child Rights Convention. But we can’t do it on our own. That’s where we need YOU!

The GAM has become the most successful project of the IYN that shows the power of bringing in the voices of young people. Founded in 2011, the IYN is the platform for exchange between and among young people from the different project regions of terre des hommes all over the world.

Watch on Youtube: Children are promoting their environmental rights

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