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Young People Act for Change

The children and youth of the terre des hommes’ International Youth Network (IYN) first initiated the Global Action Month (GAM) on Child Rights in 2014. Every year during the month of November, on the occasion of the anniversary of the adoption of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, children and youth of the IYN worldwide take public actions to raise their demands in relation to the realization of their rights.

Since 2014, the GAM has become the most successful project of the IYN that shows the power of bringing in the voices of young people. Founded in 2011, the IYN is the platform for exchange between and among young people from the different project regions of terre des hommes all over the world.

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Strengthening the rights of children

This year, young people all over the world will mobilize for the GAM 2019 with focus on the children´s right to a healthy future amidst the threat of climate change and peace building.  These two fields of actions are key working areas of Terre des Hommes Germany and terre des hommes Switzerland in their work with children and youth.

2019 was marked by many climate catastrophes and the number of conflicts and fragile contexts in the world increased. Both aspects are often related and children and youth suffer the consequences although they are not responsible for it.

While children did not cause the climate crisis, they daily bear the brunt of its consequences. Every day millions of children suffer water shortages, droughts, floods, storms, melting glaciers. Children hardly cause any greenhouse gases and environmental pollution, but they suffer most from the ill effects. Children and youth demand their governments and the global society changes to happen now through effective policies that decisively address with urgency the challenges of the climate crisis.

The focus on peace building emphasizes the reality that many children and youth suffer conflicts and insecurity. These can be a consequence of the climate crisis that many countries in the global South suffer from.

Through creative campaigns and community projects, young people are managing to stop the cycle of fear and mutual mistrust in regions affected by violence. In youth groups, young people learn that there are alternatives to violence. The youth demand from their government to grow up in a peaceful society.

Completely utopian? See us make it happen!

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