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About us

terre des hommes Germany

The goal of terre des hommes Germany is a “terre des hommes”, an “earth of humanity”. We protect children from slavery and exploitation, help refugee children, take care of the victims of war, violence and abuse and look after children’s upbringing and education. We support boys and girls whose families have died of AIDS, advocate for children’s right to a healthy environment and the protection of discriminated population groups. terre des hommes Germany supports more than 407 projects in 31 countries.

The international youth network of terre des hommes was founded to offer children and young people from tdh projects a platform for planning and carrying out joint international actions, intercultural learning and exchange on topics relevant to children's rights. Many young people focus on environmental issues in their work, as children and young people are particularly affected by the impact of environmental degradation.

terre des hommes Schweiz

The International Youth Network (IYN) of Terre des Hommes Switzerland supports young people economically and politically while increasing their social self-determination. This is achieved by promoting and expanding the participation of young people within the organization and in the project countries. We provide them with national and international platforms to help them shape their own lives in our project countries in Africa, Latin America, and Switzerland. Our aim is to strengthen global solidarity among them, encourage a change in their perspective, and motivate them to become active.

Our main fields of action include violence prevention, education, income, sexual and reproductive health and rights. Psychosocial support and youth participation are the two core approaches in our work.

terre des hommes International Federation

terre des hommes Germany and terre des hommes Switzerland are members of the "terre des hommes International Federation". The Federation consists of 10 member sections.

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