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South Asia

Global Action Month 2019: Promoting children´s environmental rights in the Region

As you must be aware that 2019 marks the 30th anniversary of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Like every year, tdh partners in India will be celebrating Child Rights Week starting from 14th Nov to 20th November. In addition to the Global Action Month, partners will be also observing 30th anniversary of UNCRC this year.

In India, more than 50 partners are planning to organise various activities related to “Promoting Children’s Environmental Rights” under Global Action Month at the project level (ie project area)Many of the tdh partners had participated in the Global Strike against Climate Change under Friday for Future Campaign in May and September 2019 in which many children and youth participated actively. Taking this forward, partners are planning to organise rallies, street play, wall writing etc to spread awareness among the community related to climate change. Also village/slum level meetings will be organise by children and youth to talk about the banning of single use of plastics and how to adopt eco friendly materials for our daily use. In the northern and eastern part of India, youth will be also focusing on water conservation and will be organising campaign so that at least few villages adopt water harvesting techniques. Quizzes will be organised in the schools to make the students aware about their ecological rights. In capital city Delhi, children and youth will be attending workshop on cloth bag making and will is distributing it to the local vendors.

In Western part, children will be sensitizing their community on waste segregation techniques along with Municipal Corporation. District and block level meetings will be organised where youth will be demanding for better services for waste collection and segregation. In South India, children and youth will be coming together for collecting indigenous knowledge from the elders about Common Natural Resource Management. Also they will be visiting forest to identify the traditional tress with medicinal value and would try to preserve them. This will be followed by tree plantation as well as promoting kitchen garden at household level.

Apart from these, each zones are planning to organise State level workshops with children and youth on the occasion of 30th anniversary of UNCRC. In Delhi, a two day national level Children’s convention is planned on 18th & 19th Nov prior to the release of the Status Report on India’s Children in order to enable engagement with children on what adults have to say and provide them a platform to share their views. This will be followed by Public Hearing and Release of Status Report on 20th Nov 2019. Likewise, in other parts, State level events are planned to bring the children together and make their voices heard. Interface with government officials and other stakeholders are also planned so that children can directly interact with them and share their views and opinions and can also ask them questions directly. Many partners have planned for media advocacies on various issues related to child rights.


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