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South Asia

GAM 2020 THEME - “Promoting Environmental Child Rights” #MyPlanetMyRights

From very mountainous regions to coastal areas and from huge cities to small villages: These are very different settings, but all are part of the project region South Asia. Partners of tdh in all of these settings will be launching this year’s campaign on ecological child rights. Since the situations are very diverse and people in a big city face different problems than habitants of a small village, different activities will be organized.

In big cities, like Karachi, one of the most urgent problems is air pollution. Millions of vehicles pollute the air every day and congest the streets. That is why bicycle rallies are planned for January 2021 in several cities.

Meanwhile, in smaller villages, air pollution is not a big problem, but more and more people use pesticides for farming. Moreover, they tend to forget about the importance of biodiversity. Therefore, partners create biodiversity parks to preserve old varieties and hold workshops on organic farming. Biodiversity is also a big issue in coastal areas where species are reduced due to overfishing but also due to waste. People there will be sensitized to proper waste segregation and disposal.

Of course, these regional activities won’t be the only ones, but they will be supplemented by radio shows, newspaper articles, social media campaigns and debates on provincial and state level. Moreover, there are often a lot of existing laws that are not implemented yet. Thus, partner organisations will also organize advocacy campaign. As one can see, a lot of activities will happen, and we are very happy to inform about this great work here on the page.

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