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Enock from Sambia


I am 20 years of age, born in 1999 on the 10th of April. Enock Lupikisha is my name, I am a Zambian youth currently living in Kabwe, central province. I am a member of the Environment Africa youth network and currently standing as the Southern Africa youth representative for terre des hommes Germany (TDH).

I live in a small family with my parents and three brothers. I am the third sibling, with Emmanuel being the eldest, Elias as my immediate elder brother and Gabriel being the youngest. I am always intrigued by information and my interests are reading and music. As I read to gain knowledge, reading books on varied subjects gives me information and increases the depth about the subject as well. Music, on the other hand, helps me to focus and channel my energy to its right direction.

I lead the Kabwe youth network along with other youths and children we plan and implement for project impact. We do awareness raising programs, advocacy activities and also do capacity-building to enhance our knowledge base. I am active in children's rights because through history, children have been abused and exploited. They suffer from hunger and homelessness, work in harmful conditions, high infant mortality, deficient health care and poor quality education. Child rights are fundamental freedoms and inherent rights of all human beings.

The right to survival and development is of vital importance to ensure access to basic services and to equity of opportunity for children to achieve their full development. The views of the child mean that the voice of children must be heard and respected in all matters concerning their rights.

It's for this reason that I stay committed to child rights to see to it that their voices are heard and acted upon to uphold a better standard of living for them. I believe strongly in child's rights and that they will be treated and respected enough to be handled as priority at levels of development and decision making.

The international campaign of terre des hommes Germany on "promoting environmental child rights" that is about to start is very important to me because it has come at a point where there is need to raise awareness on children's environmental rights and advocate for these rights to be priority at all levels of development and decision making, especially in my district Kabwe. It has about 76 000 residents and some parts of the city live in lead polluted areas (not all Kabwe is polluted). It is sad to realize that young people and children are among the 76 000. Having known the effects of lead on individuals, especially children because they are vulnerable to it, I know the campaign will bring a huge impact in raising awareness and advocating for child rights to be set as priority here in Kabwe.

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