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Nang Han Oo from Myanmar

 Hello Nang Han Oo, nice to meet you. Please tell us a bit more about you and your life. And what are your interests?

Hello, I am Nang Han Oo, 22 years old, from Taung Nouk village, Loilem township, Shan State, Myanmar. I am currently studying Chemistry at Pang Long University in Pang long township. I love to travel and listen to music because it makes me feel relax.


Why is this environmental issue important to you?

This environmental issue is important to me because these issues can affect the health and dangerous for people especially children and youth. Wild animals are losing their home because of deforestation and wildfire also people get into trouble with drought and flood for agriculture.  Before the weather in my hometown was very cold but now the its getting heat so the green environment is important.


What are the most important issues for children related to the environment and climate change in your community/country/region?

The most critical issues for children related to the environment and climate change in my region are deforestation, land pollution, air pollution, water pollution, and flood. Because people do not dispose of garbage properly also burning the waste creates air pollution and land pollution. These issues can directly affect people's health, especially children and youth.


What are you doing to protect the environment?

We can protect the environment by reducing, reusing, and recycling plastic also disposing of garbage properly and planting trees. Reduce chemical produces, post warning sign to dispose the garbage properly and not to cut down the trees.


 Can you share with us a good children and youth activity happening in your community or country to help or protect the environment?

The good activities to protect the environment are collecting the garbage and dispose it properly. Planted about 400 trees around my village and posting warning signboard for keep environment clean.  


You are working quite hard to protect your environment! Do you also have a personal dream?

Yes, I Do. I want the environment is green and clean everywhere. I want people dispose the garbage properly, not to drop to river, not to burn. People should not cut the trees overload and should plant back.

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