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Seng from Cambodia

 Hello Seng, nice to meet you. Please tell us a bit more about you and your life. And what are your interests?

Hello my full name is Seng Try. I’m sixteen years old. I’m from Cambodia. I live in Svay Rieng province.

There are seven members in my family, my mom, my dad, two of my siblings, my grandma, and my grandpa.


 Why is this environmental issue important to you?

The reason that the environmental issue is important for me is because the people’s lives all around the world depend on the environment. If the environment has a problem it can hinder our daily life. For example if there is an environmental problem in my community, it can hinder my study and it can hinder hiding my activity every day.


What are the most important issues for children related to the environment and climate change in your community/country/region?

The most important issue for children in environment and climate change is the fact that the children are the age that are easily affected by the environment. If the environment has a problem,  the children are the first person that got a problem with it. It can affect their health, their learning, and the biggest problem is it can affect their growth.


What are you doing to protect the environment?

To protect the environment I will share the problem that will happen in our environment today and I will be the first person who start to protect the environment by reduce the use of plastic and recycle the plastic to use it again


Can you share with us a good children and youth activity happening in your community or country to help or protect the environment?

For me the storage plastic is the most important that protecting the environment example like we need to divide the plastic which can one to reduce and which one to destroy. Also in a public place we should to put the plastic into the trash.                                 


 You are working quite hard to protect your environment! Do you also have a personal dream?

Yes of course, I also have my personal dream. In the future I want to be a famous person who has a powerful voice so when I speak people all around me can listen to my voice and use my voice to think and will change a problem that will happen.

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